UPDATE - As of Friday, March 20th:


The amended disaster declaration filed yesterday by the Wichita County judge, which closes inside patronage of restaurants, bars, gyms, auditoriums, coliseums, etc., will directly affect our convention on Saturday. Please stay home. You can fill out THIS FORM and email it to jpsmithdem@gmail.com if you wish to be a delegate to the state convention in June.

It is also our understanding that the state party is going to open a site for you to post your resolutions to go directly to the state resolutions committee for consideration. More information on this is forthcoming.

You can read more about the most recent Declaration of Disaster HERE.


Stay safe and stay away from crowds.

Revised information about upcoming Wichita County Democratic Convention

At the urging of the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) because of the lack of information on the coronavirus and in light of the fact that the Wichita County Commissioners have declared Wichita County a disaster area, the Wichita County Democratic Party Executive Committee(CEC) has decided that the Wichita County Democratic Convention will be pro forma.  The convention will be short, registering people who didn’t get the word that this can be done digitally and collecting resolutions.  We will entertain a motion that the resolutions be forwarded to the State Convention without recommendation to the given to the TDP Temporary Resolutions Committee for their due consideration. Thus, the business of the convention will be taken care of quickly and with as little exposure to a crowd as possible

The CEC  and the state party encourage you to stay home instead of physically attending the convention since the business of the convention can be done digitally.  The two major goals of the convention are, of course, nominating delegates to the state convention and considering resolutions.  These may be handled in the following ways without your physical presence:

 1.       If you have not done so and wish to be a delegate to the state convention you may go to 2020texasdemocrats.org and register to attend our convention.  During that process, you indicate which presidential candidate you are supporting, plus other information such as your address, phone, and email.  All of this will be collected and sent to the Wichita County Nominations committee to record your interest in being a delegate to the state convention on June 5-6.

 2.      If you miss the deadline for filling out your online registration, you may fill out this form indicating that you wish to be a delegate to the state convention and send it to jpsmithdem@gmail.com or you may drop it by the Democratic headquarters, however, the office hours will be spotty because of the threat of the coronavirus.  Your form will be forwarded to the Nominations Committee for their compilation of state convention delegates.

 3.      You may forward your resolutions to jpsmithdem@gmail.com so that they can be sent to the TDP Temporary Resolutions Committee. 

 For more information about the state convention in June, you may go to texasdemocraticconvention.com.  However, the Texas Democratic Party is already looking into ways to hold the convention online and avoid having 10,000 people crowded into a venue. 

The Wichita County convention has been scheduled to be held at New Hope Presbyterian Church fellowship hall (2201 Speedway) on March 21st, 2020.  Doors open at 9:30 a.m.; the convention starts at 10:00 a.m. 

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