Voters Guide for 2014 WFISD Election

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Daily Messasge

Earlier this week, the Abbott campaign came up with possibly the most laughably lame excuse of all time: the inclusion of standardized testing for pre-K students in his education plan was “there for informational purposes only”.

No one is buying Greg Abbott’s lame and dishonest excuses trying to hide his deeply unpopular call for standardized tests on four year olds.

It was so bad that he was forced to cancel his education press conference on Monday in order to avoid taking more questions on the subject.

Last week, the coverage was dominated by the fact that Abbott included the ideas of fringe thinker Charles Murray in his proposal — someone who has argued that “men have larger brain than women”. 

However, this week it got even worse when the press started reporting on his plan’s call for imposing standardized testing onto four year olds.

Today we are asking our allies to use the following disclaimer on their press releases, as well as #ForInfoPurposes for social media.

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Equal Pay Day

Today is Equal Pay Day!!!

Today’s date symbolizes the extra days in the year women have to work to make what men earned in the previous year – and yes, we are already in the second week of April.

Texas women earn only 79 cents for every dollar Texas men earn. I know you agree: that figure is outrageous.

 How can anyone say our mothers, sisters and daughters do not deserve to be paid as much as our fathers, brothers and sons?

This is the reason good Democrats like Representative Senfronia Thompson authored the Texas version of the Lilly Ledbetter Act.  A bill that had bipartisan support and passed in both the Texas House and Senate and was later vetoed by Governor Perry. A bill that Attorney General and Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Greg Abbott said he would have also vetoed.

 The time is now to decide if we want Texas to be in the 21st Century or to be another episode of “Mad Men”. 

We have great and qualified statewide candidates in Wendy Davis, Leticia Van de Putte, Sam Houston, Mike Collier, Stephen Brown that will fight everyday for every Texan.  We have great and qualified candidates here in Wichita County in Allyn Arnold and Tom Bursey and a Congressional Candidate in Mike Minter.  These individuals collectively and to a person want Texas in the 21st Century.

The Wichita County Democratic Party is committed to these candidates but we need your help to provide the resources for all of these candidates.  Please use the link below to donate to the Wichita County Democratic Party so we can continue to provide a location and resources to have Texas in the 21stCentury.  Your sustaining membership is greatly appreciated and will provide for a future we can be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren.







John Richie
Wichita County Democratic Party


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Fish Fry

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The Debut of The Liberal Redneck

Tonight The Liberal Redneck who earned a spot on Bill Maher's "Real Time," with his Flip A District video, takes to the airwaves... well he takes on the world of podcasting on the World Wide Web.  Join LR, Rocky, and PD tonight at 7pm Central, as we discuss the topics that Liberals are concerned with.  Listen live or download later!

Your call in number to join the discussion:(646) 649-0842

Email LR at

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Senator Leticia Van De Putte

We had a great turnout to meet our

next Lieutenant Governor, Leticia Van De Putte

at Headquarters this evening.




Thank you to all who participated! 

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Hispanic Education Summit

Please download the Flier for the Hispanic Education Summit here:

In English

In Spanish

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Come Join

The East of the Falls Community Development Corporation


The African American Education Coalition

For an Informed Discussion of the School Bond Proposal

Tuesday, April 8th, at 7:00 to 8:30pm

Martin L. King, Jr. Center,  1100 Smith Street


Meeting Format:

Districts 2 and 5 School Board Representatives to speak on Bond Proposal

- How, Why, Benefits to Students and Community

- Question and Answer Session to Follow


*Please come get firsthand information from your Districts School Board Representatives

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Mike Collier for Texas Comptroller

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Save the Date!

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